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Josiah Cole – Uber Geek

Last night Joe, myself and our two daughters went to Ben and Jerry’s located just up the street in Eastham.  We were craving some hot fudge and ice cream, so were the kids.  When we were walking up to the door we noticed a sign saying ” Superhero Night”.  I wondered what that could mean.  When we got into line we noticed a paper taped to the counter ” Answer the superhero questions below correctly and win a FREE topping”.  I turned to Josiah and said, go for it, I do not know any of those questions.  As the counter help waited for Joe to answer the questions, I was amazed that he got ALL of them right!  I did not realize that my husband was not only a  computer geek, he seems to be a geek of all things geeky.  He is an Uber Geek!  Needless to say, we got our free rainbow sprinkles and enjoyed our hot fudge brownie sundaes!

In case you are wondering what the Superhero questions were, here goes:

What villan did Jim Carey play in the Batman movie?

Who is Batman’s alter ego?

Who is Spiderman’s alter ego?

What city does Superman live in?

So, how did you do? no cheating.