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Summer Vacation

If you have not had the chance to stop and take a break from work this Summer, now is the time to do it.  The busiest time for Cape Codders is always the Summer, and sometimes we forget to stop and smell the roses.  We just came back from a 3 week work-ation and it was a very needed vacation for sure.  We packed up our computers and our family and headed to Maine for 3 weeks.  We drove a solid 8 hours up into the Wilderness for 2 weeks and survived off of Satellite Internet access and then moved a little farther down in Maine for the last week of the trip.  Overall, even though we did still work while we were away, it was worth it.  Just being away from home, away form the craziness and the tourists was a nice change.

If you find yourself drowning in work and no space to breath, take a break.  We all need a break.  Go on a small trip, even if it is to a local campground to enjoy the Cape Cod woods for a weekend.  In the end, you will be soo happy you took some time for yourself.