Apps for Website Owners

Oct 30, 2015 | Resources


The modern smartphone has revolutionized the way people access information, entertain themselves, and communicate with the world.  Along with the web, apps play a central part in how you interact with your phone, whether you’ve chosen an iPhone, or Android-powered device.

There are many apps to help you do business better and more efficiently.  We thought we’d highlight a few that make managing your online presence easier and more engaging.

We’re going to skip the obvious apps; email, office, productivity, calendar, etc. and try to focus on apps that relate specifically to your website or online marketing.

There’s an app for that…

  •  WordPress – If your website is powered by WordPress, there’s an official app that allows you to manage your site’s content, and publish new posts or pages.  Available for iOS and Android.  Read more about and download WordPress apps.
  • Google My Business – Formally Google Places, and still confused with Google+, Google My Business is what Google calls its suite of business tools.  Available for both iOS and Android.  Read more about and download the Google My Business apps.
  • Google Analytics – Keep track of visits to your website with the official Google Analytics app.  Available for both iOS and Android.  Read more about iOS, and Android Google Analytics apps.
  • Square – There’s no reason to be tied to a credit card terminal that is wired to your office or retail location.  Square (and other similar services) offer you the ability to accept credit card payment wherever you are. Available for both iOS and Android. Read more about and download the Square apps.
  • Facebook Pages – I almost felt silly including this, as the adoption of the dedicated Facebook Pages app is so widespread.  Regardless, for those of you slightly behind the curve, the official Pages apps makes managing and interacting with your Facebook fans easy. Available for both iOS and Android.  Read more about the iOS and Android Facebook Pages apps.
  • LinkedIn – The business social network, LinkedIn remains a good way to connect with new people, and keep an eye on your network of business contacts.  Available for both iOS and Android. Read more about iOS and Android LinkedIn apps.

Honorable mention:

  • TweetDeck & HootSuite – for managing multiple social media accounts.  We use TweetDeck to manage our multiple Twitter accounts.
  • Dropbox & Google Drive – Share files between all your devices and contacts.  We use both almost daily to share client files and collaborate.
  • Remote Desktop Apps – One of my favorite apps for when I’m mobile and without my laptop are remote desktop control apps.  These apps enable you to access and control your computer using your smartphone.  Read more about and download LogMeInTeamViewer (our favorite) and Microsoft’s own desktop control apps for iOS, and Android

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