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August 2013 – WORKation

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It’s August, and you know what that means! COLEwebdev is having a WORKation. We have moved our office to Northern Maine and we are enjoying the great outdoors. Don’t worry though, we are still working every day.. or two.. or three.

If you need to contact us for any website updates or to start a new project, we are available via phone and email anytime.

Enjoy this last month of Summer!

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LinkedIn 101

LinkedIn is on a roll. In 2012 revenue was up (almost a cool billion now), and users number more than 200 million, 74 million of which live in the United States. Often I get asked what LinkedIn is all about, and is it worth spending time and resources on when the other two social networks are seemingly bigger and more active.

Here’s some more data to give you a better picture of LinkedIn:

53% of B2B companies report having acquired a customer using LinkedIn
The average age of a LinkedIn user is 44.2 years of age
79% are over the age of 35.
35% of users access the site daily.
65% of journalists use LinkedIn for article research.
50% of LinkedIn’s revenue comes from job search, and recruiting services.

What these numbers mean is that you as a professional should be on LinkedIn and spending time cultivating relationships there. While LinkedIn can’t boast the overall numbers that Facebook reports, the sole focus on business (and not baby photos and emotional venting) is unmatched by competing networks.

Knowing that businesses, customers and even journalists use LinkedIn to research a company or individual, having your profile complete and accurate is key to leaving a good impression. Beyond that however, checking in at least weekly to read, share and interact is advisable to keep your contacts up to date and your relationships fresh.

Some quick do’s and don’ts:

Do login regularly and comment, or post new content relative to your business or professional interests.
Don’t robo-connect with people whom you have no other relationship with.
Do connect with people you meet offline in order to help solidify new relationships.
Don’t hinge your social networking world or spend your networking time solely on LinkedIn.
Do promote, endorse and participate in conversations not your own.

Another key point to note is that unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is generally an accepted use of time for employees while at work. This means your message can be read during office hours, when employees (especially younger employees) spend time browsing the web.

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