February 2017 – Winter? Spring? What’s Going On?

Well we have certainly been welcomed into the New Year with lots of snow here on Cape Cod. Not that we are complaining since we clearly enjoy playing in the snow!  We are currently enjoying 3 feet of snow while working at our Northern Maine office. There are only 29 days until the first day of Spring, crazy right?! From what we hear, it already feels like Spring on Cape Cod!

Responsive Website Launch

We are very excited to announce the launch of a brand new responsive website for Donovan Concrete.

Learn More: www.donovanconcrete.com

Two-factor Authentication

By: Josiah Cole

Two-factor authentication, or 2FA for short is a newly developed security protocol that allows you to protect your online accounts with an additional layer of security.

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We have another fun giveaway this month! Cow Stamped Sticky Notes. You can use these in so many fun ways! At home and in the office. Use the button below to enter the giveaway.

Winner must pickup at our office in Eastham.

Congratulations to our January winner: Trudy Vermehren !