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May 2013 – Happy Opening

URL Shorteners

With many of our clients opening for the 2013 season we want to say “Thank You”! We enjoy visiting your establishments each and every year and we are soo happy to be working with all of you.

Be sure to check your websites and make sure your hours are correct, as well as your prices, services and menus. If you need any help, just let us know!

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URL Shorteners

I never set out to confuse my loyal readers with my articles but I’m sure we have a few puzzled looks after reading the title of this month’s article: URL Shorteners. First of all, a URL or ‘Uniform resource locator’ (as no one calls it) is simply a web address. http://colewebdev.com is one, so is http://google.com. The shortener part is a bit easier to understand, however you might be asking; Why would I want to shorten a URL and how does it benefit my business?

The purpose of URL shorteners can be tracked to the explosion of short messaging and status updates, most commonly shared through services such as Twitter. Twitter specifically limits posts to 140 characters, which if you have a long URL like www.colewebdev.com/something/really/long/etc/etc it severaly limits what you can post and in some cases won’t even fit at all.

This problem brought rise to several services that shorten your URLs which allow you to easily share them, without eating into your character limit. For example using goo.gl (a popular shortener from Google) I could turn the following long URL: www.colewebdev.com/blog/something/really/long/etc/etc into this: goo.gl/jhrBF

My visitors still end up on my website, but will see and click the shorter URL on Twitter/Facebook.

At this point you might be asking: Why would I care about shortening my URL’s for posting on Twitter?!? I don’t even use Twitter!

The other added benefit of URL shortening even if you don’t use social networks is tracking. While your website might already have tracking, shortened URL’s provide much more accessible stats showing you who clicked a given URL within seconds.

This one key feature is enough reason to use shorteners in all of your online marketing and promotion. Within seconds you can generate a shortened URL, and have live stats showing clicks all without setting up any tracking code or digging into the mountains of data within Google Analytics.

Some popular URl shorteners are:


I saved the best news for last! Here at COLEwebdev we can create your own URL shortener! Not that you would want to take on Google, but rather you can register your own short URL, and use it to track clicks to your own website. We just did this for Cape Associates, and it’s working great! Ask us for more information and how they use it.

May Giveaway – Brewster Baits Variety Pack ($8 Value)

Do you enjoy fresh water fishing on Cape Cod? Then you will LOVE these hand poured baits, made in Brewster by John Mahon. These baits can be used to catch fish located in the fresh water ponds on Cape Cod and beyond.

Congratulations to our April Giveaway winner: Garrett McCarey of Lower Cape TV

New Mobile Website Designs & Launches – Check them out on your Smart Phone!

orleans-chamber-mobile  osprey-mobile

Business of the Month: Brewster Baits

Website: www.brewsterbaits.com

Based in Brewster on beautiful Cape Cod you will find Brewster Baits. A local small business, making hand poured fresh water baits.

Started in 2012, Brewster Baits is a new business and they are looking forward to expanding their mold and color line throughout the year.

Visit Brewster Baits online: www.brewsterbaits.com