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November 2013 – Gobble Gobble

Twitter 201


Happy Thanksgiving to all of our enewsletter subscribers! We LOVE Thanksgiving… the turkey and all of the fixens. We especially enjoy spending time with our families and being thankful for everything we have, including our business, COLEwebdev, which is growing stronger every year, thanks to people like you! Without our clients, we would not be where we are today, so a BIG THANK YOU to all who have supported us throughout the past 8 years!!

Your Invited! to a Holiday Celebration and Office Warming Party


Twitter 201

Twitter recently filed for it’s long-awaited IPO and has finally matured beyond an unprofitable, volatile startup to a mature, profitable (barely) media powerhouse. Boasting more than 218 million active users, Twitter has become the source for breaking news and unfiltered direct access to information and opinion around the world.

Despite this meteoric rise I still get as many questions today about Twitter as I did back in 2008 when it first broke into the mainstream consciousness.

If you still don’t get Twitter, or are afraid to approach it due it’s open-ended nature, here are some practical ways and helpful links to get started:

Either register online with your desktop at Twitter.com or download the official Twitter app to your smart phone or tablet.
Follow Friends, Public Figured and Brands:

Follow anyone you know already, including public figures and favorite brands/organizations. I use Google to find accounts by searching for their name followed by “Twitter”. Many websites will also include links to their Twitter account which will link you to their feed.

Twitter Search

Twitter has a great search tool which returns Tweets and users which match your search term. Try cape cod or your business name and see what comes up. The newest tweets will be at the top.

Follow, Favorite Retweet and Reply:

Based on your search results or a Tweet already in your feed, you can then follow, favorite, retweet or reply to users who interest you. Here’s a breakdown of each term and what is means:

Based on your search results or a Tweet already in your feed, you can then follow, favorite, retweet or reply to users who interest you. Here’s a breakdown of each term and what is means:


Similar to becoming friends on Facebook, to follow someone is to subscribe to their tweets, which then show in your feed. Unlike Facebook friending, users can follow another user without requiring that the user follows them back.

Favorite is similar to Facebook’s like button and allows you to compliment another Twitter user on a Tweet without it showing in your feed. The user who posted the Tweet is notified and it’s great way to flatter someone and get noticed.


Retweeting is the action of taking something another Twitter user Tweets, and sending it out on your own feed. You also have the option of commenting on the Tweet before it gets published. This allows you to add a small comment/opinion and engage that Twitter user in conversation.


Replying and retweeting are very similar and sometimes crossover in function. Sometimes called mention, to reply to a Twitter user it to include their Twitter name in your tweet. Whereas retweeting is mostly repeating what someone else says in your own feed, replying or mentioning is more for sending a direct response to another user’s Tweet or making sure the user mentioned sees your Tweet. The response may or may not include the original tweet, Twitter will connect the two tweets and keep them in a conversation thread for others to follow.

Mentioned above but worth mentioning again is the ability to use Twitter on your smartphone or tablet. This action alone will allow you to interact with Twitter in a more seamless and immediate nature and will decrease the energy and attention required to participate.

The best way to learn something is to jump in and and …listen. Twitter makes that easy with the ability to follow anyone you choose and start absorbing information without having to Tweet anything until you are ready!

New Responsive Website Design & Launch – Nauset Disposal


Business of the Month: Lamperti Counseling & Consultation


Tracy Lamperti has served the community for over 25 years. Strong families and connected communities are safer and able to hold together through any passing storm.

At Lamperti Counseling & Consultation you will find professional services in a confidential atmosphere to achieve your goals.

Visit the Lamperti Counseling & Consultation online: www.tracylamperti.com

November Giveaway – Buckies Biscotti Holiday Pie


We are giving away 1 freshly made holiday pie from Buckies Biscotti! Buckies Biscotti now has two fabulous locations: 681 Route 28 Dennis Port and 554 Route 28 Harwich Port. Gobble Gobble…

Congratulations to our October Giveaway winners: Ellen Whalen ~ Marcia Viprino of Osprey Sportfishing ~ Ryan Sverid of Sverid Repair

Upcoming Networking Events

Below is a list of upcoming networking events that we will be attending / promoting. We hope you will join us! Networking is a great way to build your business, keep in touch with your clients, meet new people, eat great food and spend some quality time with your staff and the local community.

Hyannis Chamber of Commerce Networking
November 20th, 5:30 PM @ Albertos, 360 Main Street Hyannis.

Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce Networking
November 20th, 5:30 PM @ Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod
121 Main Street, Yarmouth

Eastham Chamber of Commerce Networking
December 4th, 5:30 PM @ Cape Associates, Eastham