October 2017 – Trick or Treat

Fall has arrived, finally! While we enjoy the summer weather it is also nice to have the change in seasons. The crisp fall air has us thinking about our clients who close for the winter. We have been trying to visit seasonal businesses and to thank them for their services.

Halloween is in the air and we are gearing up for the annual Trunk or Treat Festival and planning our trunk decorations.  Our theme is sure to spook anyone who dares to grab a candy from our coffin! The photo above is Josiah testing out his costume!

Join us while we trick or treat in a safe environment sponsored by the Wellfleet & Eastham Firefighters Relief Association and the Wellfleet Drive-In and Theatre.

If you are a local business and or resident who LOVES Halloween but does not live in a neighborhood with kids, now is your change to register your trunk and hand out candy!

Responsive Website Launch

We are very excited to announce the launch of a brand new website for the Software Simplified.

The new website features a responsive design, the use of business branding for a cohesive look and feel, custom graphics for each service, software overviews, company specialties and contact details.

Learn More: www.softsimp.com

Ecommerce, Easy Right?

By: Josiah Cole

We’ve come a long way on the web.  As with many things in the technology field, raw power has gone up, while prices have dropped making many things possible, and accessible that once were not.

Ecommerce,  or the act of selling online is one of those things.   New services such as Shopify and Square and older services such as PayPal and even Ebay make selling online easy, and accessible to the average user.

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