September 2017 – And all at one, summer collaped into fall.

WoW! The busy hot summer is really over. It is now just starting to sink in that the colder weather will be sticking around for longer periods. Summer businesses are now closed or closing. Flip flops are almost put away. Camping is done till next year.

We had a great time visiting New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. We had a busy “working” summer.. new clients, lots of website updates, new website launches and new designs.

We are very thankful to our clients for being accepting of the fact that we work off Cape during the summer months. We are lucky to be able to work from anywhere and everywhere.. as long as we have internet!

Events we are looking forward to this fall:

Responsive Website Launch

We are very excited to announce the launch of a brand new responsive  website for the Fairway Restaurant.

The new website features menus for breakfast, dinner, dessert and take-out. Integrated facebook and instagram postings. Online store for purchasing gift cards, reusable coffee mugs and granola. Professional photography to get your tummy grumbling and so much more!

Learn More:

No Shortcuts for Gaining Followers

By: Josiah Cole

In the modern age of social media, many brands gauge their success or failure on how many followers they gain, and retain on social media.  Followers are akin to an audience, and having a larger audience will always benefit your brand, and sales.

Unfortunately, this formalized and public system of popularity has given rise to the exploitation of audience building, at the expense of small business budgets.  Bots, fake followers, and mass follow/unfollow techniques have spoiled the idea that follower counts are an actual measure of success or influence.

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We always LOVE visiting Maine in the summer and one of the places we must visit on every trip is Spring Break Maple & Honey. Tapping trees and creating sugary treats is their business and we LOVE IT!

We are giving away a 1 oz. package of Maine Maple Sugar Candy, straight from Maine!

See the Winner HERE!