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Don’t know what to blog about?

Most of the clients I speak to about blogging get excited at the thought of writing about their business and about expanding their website into more of a personalized marketing and advertising outlet, however most do not take advantage of all of the things a blog can do for business.  It seems that the main reason why a business owner doesn’t blog is because of time constraints.  The second reason seems to be that business owners just do not know what to write about.  This is where we can help.

COLEwebdev has been blogging to several websites for many years now and we know what to blog about, how frequently to blog and why to blog.  Blogs are a very important part of a business website, if used properly it can get you an increase in traffic and sales.  The posts need to written in a way that potential customers will find interesting and the posts also need to contain keywords for the particular business.

I have multiple blogs that I post to weekly and I do Google searches to get ideas for topics of interest.  Say I am writing on a blog for a motel on Cape Cod.  I would research on Google for “things to do on Cape Cod” and then I would write about what I have found.  I may be able to get 100 posts out of just that one search and I make a note of the ideas I have found for later posts.  All I need is a good 15-20 minutes and I can write a keyword rich, interesting and informative post that will in turn drive visitors to my website.

Blogging is a great marketing addition to any website and should be taken advantage of, especially if you can find the time to post to your blog on a regular basis.  The top websites that we track website traffic for online post to their blogs on a regular basis, and it has helped their business to grow!