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Nov 1, 2013 | News


Business Name: Lamperi Counseling & Consultation
Owner: Tracy Lamperti

Tracy Lamperti has been serving individuals and families in all stages of life for more than 25 years. Helping and caring about people has been her passion for all of her life and her chosen career path since 10th grade.  Every educational and professional choice and accomplishment has build on the one before and brought her to her position of psychotherapist, consultant and educator, here in Orleans for the last 15 years, in private practice.

Because of the technology of the day, not only is Tracy Lamperti able to work with local individuals and families, but able to provide consultation and some psychotherapy nationwide via the computer, currently working with a family on the West Coast, who’s child is here on Cape Cod.  While she has a Twitter and Linked In account, she has really only mastered email, Facebook and Skype.

In the interest of helping people experience positive mental health, Tracy believes that reducing the chances of a person being harmed is crucial.  She trains adults in sexual abuse awareness and prevention with the Darkness to Light program and in reducing their likelihood of being a victim through the NRA’s Refuse to be a Victim program.

One of Tracy’s inspirations comes from hearing stories of people who have experienced severe hardships and come out not as just as a “survivor” but someone who thrives in life, despite all odds.  As well, Tracy considers it a privilege to be able to walk the road with another person, or a family group in serious distress and pain.  She has taken 20 years of education, training and professional experience and combined it with caring for people.

Tracy has many close alliances with local schools, courts, police departments, churches and other fine professionals in the community.  Cape Cod is home to many difficult problems, such as drugs, violence, child abuse, divorce, poverty, crime, suicide, teen pregnancy and others.  There are also many great people and it is very important to work together to help create the best possible environment, especially for children.

Go to to learn much more about Tracy Lamperti and Lamperti Counseling & Consultation.

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