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Business of the Month – Little Life Preservers

Update: Little Life Preservers has closed. This article was published in 2011.

Business: Little Life Preservers
Owner: Lesa Sverid
Website: www.littlelifepreservers.com

What is your website?
A place for women to sign up for free cards of encouragement while they are going through breast cancer treatment. It is also a positive site meant to bring some smiles and occasional breast cancer facts/in the news.

How did you get started with your business?
When I was going through breast cancer treatment I would receive these wonderful handmade cards of support and encouragement that brought smiles into my days of otherwise gloominess. After treatment I wanted to bring some smiles into other women’s lives.

Tell us about the business:
You are able to sign up to receive free handmade cards while going through treatment or for someone that you know that is going through treatment. I also offer informative links, humor, encouraging quotes, photos of some of my handmade cards, etc.

Tell us about yourself:
I consider myself a survivor. A warrior. I have earned that title. And any woman who is diagnosed with breast cancer deserves that same title.  Throughout the the darkest time of my life I looked forward to going to my mailbox to see if I had any little envelopes of love waiting for me. Each card I received, that was lovingly handmade just for me, kept me afloat. Made me smile.
For however brief, the moments I felt encouraged and loved were priceless. They were my little life preservers. So came the name of this site. Each card sent from Little Life Preservers is lovingly handmade and sent with great HOPE and LOVE to it’s recipient. It is a small gesture but done with BIG love. I hope this service can bring some light into other women’s darkness.

Where do you find inspiration?
Rubber stamps usually. If I see a stamp that I feel will be a great focal image on a card and is appropriate for my purpose I will purchase it. I also peruse card magazines and other friend’s blogs for ideas and inspiration.

What do you love about your business?
The creative process is a spiritually fulfilling practice for me. Every card I create is made with love, hope and encouragement so I am working from my heart daily. Choosing the perfect quote, coloring a pretty image, putting all the pieces together in a joyous effort to bring someone else some smiles or a laugh or a “You are not alone” into their day.

What are some ways that you promote your business?
Word of mouth and Facebook