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Business of the Month – Pirate Adventures

CCE00007_2Business: Pirate Adventures
Owners: Jen and Brian Whitaker
Website: www.capecodpirateadventures.com

How did you get started with your business?
I started as an employee (captain) and had a chance to purchase the business. I’ve owned it for the last 7 years.

Tell us about the business …

We offer a live Pirate Adventure for families with children between the ages of 3-10. Of course, any age is welcome! Children participate in a real treasure hunt. They have a chance to hoist flags, find clues, blast Pirate Pete with water cannons and haul up a real treasure.

Tell us about yourself …
I have been a licensed captain for 15 years now. This job allows to me to do what I love!

What do you love about your business?
I love the people! The kids are such believers, they truly want to be pirates for the day. Our adventure is all about living in the moment and having fun!

What are some ways that you promote your business?
Networking is a big part of the way I promote my business. I’m also a member of many of the Chambers of Commerce on the Cape. It’s like having a bunch of cheerleaders!

Last year we had our website completely redone. I believe this has increased our exposure. This year we are adding an online reservation system that I think will be a huge convenience for our customers. I have recently been working with many of the other businesses on MacMillan Pier to come up with some ideas to promote the Pier. We will be putting out a brochure this year that will include all of us. We feel we can reach more people if we all work together.

Do you have any advice to offer others in your same business?
To change with the times. Don’t get rid of what works, but don’t be afraid to try new things.