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Business of the Month – Town Crier Motel

Business: Town Crier Motel, Eastham
Owner: Judy Cannon
Website: www.towncriermotel.com

My husband was in the Airline business in New York and he got sick of it.  He quit his job and began searching for some kind of business for us to buy.  He searched the whole east coast and finally brought me to look at the Town Crier Motel.  We both thought it would be perfect for us and it is.

My customers bring me inspiration.  I like people a lot and; for me, this is a perfect job.  We have met some great people along the way.  However, my real inspiration comes from the people I have met through the Eastham Chamber of Commerce.  My husband and I had a lot of children and for a very long time our lives were entirely, and very happily, eclipsed by our family and our motel.  We were not part of the town really, only part of the motel which is an entity in itself.  Then I got involved in the Chamber.  At that time, businesses were trying to cope with an antagonistic town government and it was even more difficult to do business here than it is now.  The group of people that were involved in the Chamber at that time just clicked.  We became very close personal friends and have remained so for the last 12 or 13 years.  In my opinion we accomplished a great deal that was good for the town and for ourselves and Joe and I gained many very beloved friends.
My son Joe and I own and operate the Town Crier Motel.   Through Joe’s patience and hard work, we are reaching goals which make the motel more attractive and more comfortable for our guests and we can now see our way clear to reaching the rest of our goals.  The breakfast restaurant is Joe’s, and he lets me cook omelets to order which I love to do.  Our restaurant helps us get to know our guests a little better and we have a lot of fun in there.  I love the people we work with.  Of course it is wonderful to work with my son, Joe, and all my other children and even my grandchildren have lots of interest in the motel and make plenty of suggestions and help us whenever they can.  Gail, who keeps our rooms immaculate, is a great joy to have around and she treats this motel as her own.  Margaret, who takes care of customers either in my absence or just when I am goofing off, is also a joy to have around and all of our customers love her.  I love the party atmosphere around here for half of the year and then I love the quiet time we have for the other half.  When each season ends, I am more than ready for the next.

We promote our business through all the conventional ways; print advertising, Internet, and newsletters.  Most of our business comes from repeat customers and word of mouth.  We also have some buses who stop here and that is wonderful business in the off-season.