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Surety Search Partners – Business of the Month

Coming out of a career in the social services, Bill Kenney entered the business world as an executive recruiter in 1986. After 6 years of successful recruiting with the Boston-based search firm, Positions Inc., Bill formed his own company in 1992. His focus was on the surety bond industry, a close cousin of property-casualty insurance. (An explanation of surety bonding can be found in their new website) Bill enjoys the recruiting process – developing relationships with insurance leaders, winning search assignments and reaching out to surety underwriters across the nation. While recruiting can be a lonely profession with such a large amount of time spent on the phone, Bill has formed friendships with hundreds of surety professionals from Maine to California.

Some of his clients enjoy poking fun at his business location on the Cape, wondering how he can conduct business from a boat or on a beach! Some friendships have become personal, when business is put aside and stories are shared about family life, travel, sports and current events. Some, who like to visit the Cape, have joined Bill and Peggy for dinner. The Kenney’s love to show off the Cape’s excellent restaurants.

Through the years Bill has been very fortunate to have a partner in the business, his wife Peggy. She has played a key role in the development of the company, providing technical and research assistance, offering helpful advice and participating in the recruiting from time to time. So it is no surprise that the name of their first website and new business name is Surety Search Partners. Since the recruiting business for a self-employed individual can be a portable business, and having had a love affair with Cape Cod for many years, Bill and Peggy moved their business from Connecticut to Harwich eleven years ago. How happy they are today to be able to address the challenges and possibilities of their business supported by the pleasing sounds of the Cape classical music station, and the inspirational sights of the ocean, afforded to those who live on this remarkable land formation.

Visit their brand new website – www.suretysearchpartners.com