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Back to the Grind

We are now back home, we really enjoyed our 1 month stay in Maine and we are very happy to home as well.  We were greeted with Tropical Storm Irene when we arrived home, and luckily we did not have any damage here at our home.  With very strong winds, we had some branches fall on our lawn and we did lose power for 6 hours, but overall, not so bad.  We know people on the Cape that lost power for several days….Yikes!  We consider ourselves lucky that we still have power and are able to get work done each day.

We are back to grind here at COLEwebdev, designing, building, editing and programming away on our client projects.  We have some exciting new launches coming your way in the next month, we can;t wait to show them off!  Be sure to check back soon for links and information on our new website launches.  Till then, enjoy the sun and the beaches while you can, Fall is just around the bend.