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Is Your Website Sending You Leads?

If answered no to the question above, you should review your website and find out why.  Every website should have the goal of bringing your company leads.  If you do not have people filling out your contacts form, sending your emails or calling you and telling you they are on your website, there is something missing.  What that something is could be as simple as marketing.  Your website is like a little island in the middle of now where, you must let everyone know it’s there.  If you design and build and launch a website and do not touch it for months or years, it will become stale and search engines and potential customers will not find it.  You need to let everyone know your website is online, live and kicking.

Some easy ways to market your website are to: Add your web address to your business cards, brochures, work trucks, shirts, pens and more.  Then when you wear your tshirts people will see your web address, or when you drive your truck around people will see it as well.  Anyone that you meet that you feel may be a potential client, tell them to visit your website.

Make sure your website is up top date.  This means regular updates, monthly is the best.  Update the content, photos, address and company news and profiles.  Get your new projects, products and testimonials added to your website each month.  All of these updates will make people want to visit your website and to come back again and again.

Think of your website as a very important piece of marketing for your business, and if you do not use it to it’s fullest potential, you won’t get leads.

Leads lead to customers, which is the goal of every business website.