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Keep Your Logins in a Safe Place!

We meet with current and new clients all the time who want to move their website to us, or their domain to another company, and when we ask them for their account details, they are unsure of what they are.  Your domain and hosting account information is very important, and should be kept in a file at your home or business where you can access it at anytime.  Your hosting and domain account details should also be up to date, this way you will always have access to them.  If you lose your login information to your domain and you want to get in to manage it, you will have to get together many documents that you will have to send to the domain company, and it can be time consuming and sometimes, you may even lose your domain.

Be sure to print out a document with your hosting ftp details as well as your domain account details and keep it in a safe place.  Keep this information just as safe as you would your social security number.