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Marketing Work for a Cape Cod Hotel

The Cape Cod accommodations market is very competitive, and is a rich area online in the world of traffic, paid placement and search engine optimization.  We were recently doing some work for a local Cape Cod hotel which will expand their reach both online in Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL but also in major national booking sites like Travelocity, Orbitz, Priceline etc.

The key to successfully competing in this market is to take advantage of all the various sources of traffic.  National travel booking sites, organic search engine traffic, paid search traffic, digital advertising, offline advertising … the list really goes on and each area is important to investigate and utilize if it fits your business.

Example Source and Technique:

Organic Search Engine Traffic:  Our marketing work begins in the research area were we analyze your industry’s keyword inventory and potential traffic for each, research related websites to develop relationships, and then develop a plan to enhance your traffic and search engine position.  Practically this could mean content development (like blogging or article generation), site code optimization (for maximum search engine index-ability), copy re-write (copy with the correct balance of keywords and content), and link/PR management.

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