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Summer is Here…..Do I still need to Update my Website?

Many business’s have the impression that because Summer is here, that their website does not need any attention.  This is untrue.  Even though many of the business’s on Cape Cod are at their busiest right now, you should not be leaving your website behind.  This is the time of year when most clients are looking at your website, especially if you own a hotel, motel,  restaurant or any seasonal business on Cape Cod.  Traffic for most Cape Cod businesses spikes in the Summer and this is because people want to know what is going on around town, especially when they are on vacation and looking for something to do with the family.

Be sure to keep your website up to date, even in the busy times of the Summer.  Having up to date events, activities, company news and photos on your website will get you more customers.  Having an up to date website will also let customers know that you are still alive an kicking.  If you have not posted to your blog in more than 1 year and you have outdated news on your website, people may think your not in business anymore.

Be sure to take advantage of your photo galleries and your blogs, especially during the Summer season.  Add photos of your business,  property,  staff and more as well as what is happening in your neighborhood and around town.  Keep your customers wanting to come back to your website for more, the more they visit your website, the more likely they are to remember you and use your services.