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Where did the sun go? Favicon Winners…

The sun has been shining so bright these past few weeks that you do not realize how great it feels until it is gone.  It has been overcast for a couple days now and I really want the sun to come back out!  The weather forecast says that the next couple  of days are supposed to be very hot and sunny, let’s hope they are right.

Our latest contest has come to an end.  Our favicon giveaway has been a great success, with several people entering our contest, it is great to know some people are still thinking about their website in the busy Summer months.  We have randomly chosen the winners and they are:  Bumboosa and Fowler Lawns (website coming soon).  Congratulations on your new favicon win!

Keep your eyes out for our next contest which we will do via enewsletter.  If you do not get our enewsletter, you can sign up right now by entering your email address in the sign up box at the top of this web page.