Email Marketing…Do a Survey

If you are regularly sending our e newsletters and connecting with your clients and potential clients online, sending out an online survey is  great idea.  If you ask the right questions, you will be able to write a better e newsletter and get information to your readers easier, faster and give them information they want to hear. It is difficult to really know what your readers want to hear from you, getting feedback is very helpful and effective and can really get your online marketing to where it should be.

When putting together an online survey, you want to keep some things in mind:

1. Write questions that are easy to understand and that have a clear direction.

2. Only ask one question at a time, do not bundle two questions into one.

3.  Even though it may seem odd, ask for negative feedback too.  A question such as, “What suggestions do you have that will help us meet your needs? can help you to do better as a business.

4.  Keep the survey short and sweet and if you have multiple choice answers, do not have more than 5 options.

5.  According to reports I read online, you will get a higher response rate if you have only 6 questions on your survey vs. 9 questions.  Do not forget, you can also do another survey at another time.

6.  Offer an incentive for taking the survey.  This could be a gift certificate, a service, a product or whatever you have to offer someone in exchange for their time.

The great thing about a online survey is that you get responses pretty quickly and you can pretty easily determine how your business is working out for your readers/customer/potential customers.

There are some great tools online to help get a great survey together:

Constant Contact Blog

Survey Share

Survey Pro

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