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Facebook Business Page vs. Facebook Friend Page

When setting up a new Facebook page, it may be hard to decide what type of page to setup.  With several options to choose from such as: company, brand, cause, local business, fan and artist, you may have a hard time deciding which type is god for you.  Generally is you are setting up a page for your personal life and friends to interact on, a fan page works best.  To sign up for a personal fan page you can do so right on the Facebook homepage.  If you want to setup a company/cause type page you would do so here.

The differences between a personal Facebook page and a business page are:

Personal Fan Page: Indexed in Google, fans can only friend you and cannot see your profile unless you are public, connect with friends and family.

Business Like Page: Indexed in Google, fans can like you and see your profile at anytime, connect with customers/clients/vendors, ability to use widgets to pull content from your page onto another website/blog.

If you would like to interact with friends and family, a personal fan page works best.  If you own a business and are looking to connect with customers/clients/vendors and such, a business page is a must have.

Either way, Facebook is a great way to connect with people you know and to market yourself and your business without even leaving your house.