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Using your Facebook Fan Page

Once you have successfully setup and filled in your Facebook Business page with content you will want to use it to generate solid leads and to connect with clients regularly.  In order to make full use of your Facebook business page you will want to post to it on a regular basis, and this can be done daily, weekly or monthly.  Whichever amount of time you choose, try to stick with, this will help you with time management and also your fans will know when to expect something from you.

Facebook is a great place to promote your business using specials, news, quotes, testimonials, photos and general business information.  Let your fans know when you have something going on that is of interest to them.  If you are looking to sell your fans something, let them know what your products are and how they can benefit by using them. If you are selling a service, let your fans know what your service is and how it will benefit them.

Be sure to look around on Facebook and find businesses, profiles and groups that you can “like”.  This way you can connect with the Facebook community.  You will also want to actively look for fans who will “like” your business, this way more people will listen to what you have to say.  Try giving away a product to entice people to “like” your page on Facebook.

Overall, update your Facebook page as much as possible and try to post only content that will be useful for your fans, if your fans get bored or your content is not helpful or interesting, they will not stay fans for long.