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No DSL in Eastham? I’m appalled.

The headline of this post may be a bit over dramatic (as I’m sure parts of Eastham Cape Cod have DSL) but I was shocked when learned that DSL was not available at my home address here in Eastham. I don’t live “in the middle of no where” and there are other services (Comcast) available here no problem, and it’s 2008 for goodness sake.  FIOS in case you’re wondering, is also not available here (big surprise).

What I did find at the Verizon site was a nice little Flash animation demonstrating how fast Verizon’s two top High-Speed offerings are compared to old school 56K Dial-Up. Even though the Flash media didn’t actually represent anything ‘real’ it probably is very effective at selling the two tiers of fast Internet service.

Screenshot below:

Verizon Speed Comparison