Google Shortcuts, You Probably Didn’t Know

Apr 22, 2010 | News

While almost everyone uses Google as their main search engine online, many people do not know some of the really neat shortcuts that can be used to search faster, easier and to get great results.  I have listed below some really neat Google shortcuts, give them a try when you do a search in Google next time, they may just save you some time and get you results faster.

Did you know you can use the Google search bar as a calculator?  Just type in the numbers you would like to add/subtract/multiply or divide and Google will give you the answer.  Here is a link to show what you can do with the Google search calculator.

To look up a telephone number just type the “name, town and state” of the person you are looking for in the Google search bar.  For more info on Google phone book, visit this page.

To find a street map, just type the address you are trying to get to into the Google search bar.  Google will then show you a map of the area around your address.

When you include the word “define, “what is” or “what are” in your query in front of a word or phrase, the definition will show above your search results.

If you type an area code into the Google search bar, you will be shown a map of that area.

If you want to track a package with Fed ex, USPS or UPS just type the tracking code into the Google search box.

You can type a UPC code into Google search to find out more about a product.

To search for PDF’s, spreadsheets and Power Point Presentations type: filetype:xls or filetype:pdf, etc.

To find local show times type in the word “movies” plus your zip code and Google will list local Movie theaters and times for the next 3 days.

Did you recently find a neat product, but you cannot remember where you found it?  If you type: intitle:”product name”,  Google will search for the product in the title bar of the website, this way you can narrow your search.

There are several other neat Google shortcuts as well, take a look at this page that Google has put together to read more.

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