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Feb 3, 2015 | Resources

Website hosting and email hosting have long been tied together and sold by the same provider. Our website hosting comes in two varieties, one is this traditional model, where email is included. The other variety, our premium WordPress platform does not offer email hosting and this brings up an important question… where should you host your email? If your email needs are light, only a few mailboxes and maybe a couple of forwards, then hosting your email where you host your website is perfectly acceptable. If however, you have many mailboxes for employees, require advanced SPAM filtration, need enterprise-level security, or want your email tied into your office software (calendar, documents, etc.) then hosted email is your best option. The two most well-known providers of hosted email are Google Apps, and Microsoft Office365. Each provider offers similar features, which include access to their supporting office applications. Pricing is competitive, and generally costs around $50 per user, per year with discounts available for pre-payment. Clients who host their email with Google or Microsoft can still keep their website where it is. All that is involved in making a change to your domain, to route your email to Google or Microsoft. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits to each approach:

Bundled Email
Low cost (it’s included free with most hosting)
One provider simplifies account management.
Hosted Email Advanced SPAM filtration.
More space to store email.
Advanced security.
Access to office applications and cloud storage.

Lastly, many of our clients forward their mail from our server to a Comcast, Gmail, or another personal email account. This is by far the least desired setup, as you’re introducing another layer to your email delivery, which can cause issues with delivery. If email is critical to your business, you should consider using a hosted email provider. We currently have over a dozen clients who utilize hosted email. Contact us today to review your email setup, and decide if hosted email is right for your business.

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