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Video as a Small Business Tool

This post was published in 2011 – Microsoft Movie Maker is no longer offered. Details.

When thinking of things to add to your website to make it better, you should think video. Adding a short video about your company or a short slide show of photos with music is a great addition to any website. Gathering photos and content for your video is as easy as looking through project and product photos and writing some paragraphs about your company.  You can use a simple video tool called Windows Movie Maker (no longer offered) to put your video together and with 1 click you can have your video added to YouTube. You can then view your YouTube video and embed it onto your website using code that is given to you right on your YouTube channel. When visitors come to your website they will watch your video and learn more about your company, it is a nice and easy interactive way to engage your website visitors and is easy to implement with the right tools and know how.