Facebook Boost Posts

With Facebook having millions of users from all over the World, it is not unusual to think that paying for an AD on Facebook is a good idea.  People are scrolling through their Facebook feed everyday, sometimes all day long and if you have a business or product that you want to promote and get into the hands of your consumers, Facebook Boost posts are a good way to market yourself.

Luckily the costs for Boost Posts are determined by what YOU want to spend. Making advertising within your budget much easier. The Boost Posts also have really great statistical tracking so you can determine if the money you spent was worth it or not.

To get started with a Boost post, first you will need a business page on Facebook. You cannot Boost posts on your personal profile.

Then you will create a post, this could be a new article, status update, photo or a video.  Keeping in mind that you must follow Facebook’s advertising rules, which are very easy to understand and can be found here.

Next you get to choose who you want to see your Boost post. You can choose within a certain distance, by age, gender and or everyone.  Depending on your product or service, this will determine which audience is best for your Boost post.

Next you choose how long you would like your Boost post to be featured for. You can choose 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, etc. This will also help determine the cost of your  Boost post.

Once your Boost post is up and running you can check the statistics on your Facebook Page and see how the Ad is doing and if you find that it is working really well for you, you can always pay to have it Boosted longer.

Your Boost post will show higher up in the news feed of potential consumers and will give the consumer an option to view the post, like the post, comment on the post, share the post and also LIKE the business page.

More information and FAQS on Boosted Posts on Facebook can be found here.