October 2014 – Happy Spooktober!

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Happy Spooktober! We have been very busy working on website design and development for clients near and far. We just signed on a chiropractor from Florida, he originally was from Cape Cod. We are just about to launch a new website for a neuropsycholigist based out of Wellesley, and we just launched a brand new website for the Cape Cod Children’s Place, right here in Eastham! We are busy busy busy, and we THANK all of you for your referrals! Please stop by the Wellfleet Trunk or Treat Festival on October 31st at the Wellfleet Drive in and see us and our trunk!

The Most Important Social Network You’re Not Using


When someone mentions the word “social network” what jumps to mind? Surely Facebook is the first thought, then possibly Twitter and maybe if you’re an aging dinosaur like us, MySpace might even creep into your mind.

There is one social network however that we propose is just as important as the “big two” Facebook/Twitter and that is Google+, or Google Places as some know it (more on that shortly)

Google Places is a business directory that powers both the local results shown within Google searches, and other Google features such as Google Maps.

Google Plus however is slightly different and is more akin to a traditional social network. For an explanation of each, see the following page at Google: Get Online with Google My Business

Now Google isn’t doing itself any favors by essentially having two very similar products for businesses, but the overall message we’re trying to communicate is that your business needs a presence on any, and all of Google social networks.

Why? Despite struggling to compete with Facebook for users, Google’s social network and local business directories are still very relevant due to Google’s stranglehold on the search market. And while Google will deny it until their face turns Facebook blue, having an active Places page will benefit your rankings and search placement.

Simply put, have a fully fledged Google Business Page will help you not only within Google searches, but across the web.


Create a Google login for your business that you use for all of Google’s services. This will allow you to manage and login to all of Google’s services (Analytics, AdWords, Pages etc.) from one login and will simplify the process of management and updating.

You may already have a Google Places page, either auto-created or setup by someone at, or working for your business in the past. Follow these steps to claim and verify your listing.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, you will struggle to get people to follow and engage your Google pages, but the benefit will be seen in other areas. If you actively manage your places page, add content on a regular basis and avail Google of their various promotion options, you’ll see much benefit from this service.

Google will offer various promotional products (usually a small one-time fee) to you as a business owner. Use these to elevate the visibility of your Places page.

New Responsive Website Design, Build & Launch – Coastal Studies


October Giveaway – Boston TaxZee Board Game


For this months giveaway we have a fun board game. You’ll be traveling across the board as a Boston taxi driver!

And the winner is: Megan Dugas

Congratulations to our September Giveaway winner: Tabitha Frazier

Upcoming Networking & Special Events

Below is a list of upcoming networking events that we will be attending / promoting. We hope you will join us! Networking is a great way to build your business, keep in touch with your clients, meet new people, eat great food and spend some quality time with your staff and the local community.

Trunk or Treat ( We will have our trunk decorated! )
October 31, 2014 @ 4:00 PM @ Wellfleet Drive In

Orleans Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner
November,17 2014 @ 5:30 PM @ Orleans Yacht Club

Eastham Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament
November 12, 2014 @ 5:30 PM Brown Bag Auction @ Four Points Sheraton

Hyannis Chamber of Commerce
November 19, 2014 @ 5:30 PM @ DWS Shoes

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