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Website Software

Web software is a general term used to describe websites that offer advanced functionality to it’s visitors. Examples of this may include a shopping cart, members only system or events calendar.

COLEwebdev specializes in matching business needs, with the appropriate software or service to accomplish the goals set by business owner. Each client, and business has unique criteria, which results in our multi-faceted approach to web software.


WordPress itself is very powerful, open source web software. Maintained by a community of dedicated developers, WordPress delivers an impressive set of features built into the core framework. With WordPress, a website owner can manage website content with an easy-to-use web interface, accessible from any Internet connected device.

  • Add images
  • Edit copy
  • Add pages
  • Blog
  • Collaborate with other users
  • Update website menus

WordPress Plugins

Beyond the core features of WordPress, there exists a large repository of plugins that extend, and in some cases completely transform the WordPress platform. Below are some examples of features that plugins can offer:

  • Shopping cart
  • Events calendar
  • Members-only system

Third Party Providers

Many times the best approach is to utilize an existing, third party system or service to accomplish your software needs. Third party services are maintained, and actively developed by separate teams which can reduce the typical overhead associated with managing, and updating custom software, or even WordPress plugins. Third party providers can be found in almost any business segment, below are some of the most common needs met by third party service providers:

  • Ecommerce
  • eNewsletter
  • Analytics
  • Administrative
Custom Software

If your needs exceed that of WordPress, or don’t quite fit into a third party provider’s model, custom software may the route to take. Proper planning, and budgeting is key, however, if thoughtfully approached, custom software can be the a difference maker in your business. COLEwebdev partners with local, trusted software engineers to deliver results for their clients.