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Joint Chamber Networking at Wequassett in Chatham

Last evening Josiah and I went to a joint chamber networking event at the Wequassett Resort in Chatham.  The four chambers that participated were: Eastham, Orleans, Chatham and Harwich.  The event was a big hit and was sold out right away.  They had a very nice buffet of food setup as well as people bringing around trays of delicious treats.  They even served the beer in a large beer glass.  I had a great time chatting with other business owners and I met some new people from other chambers.  The views from the room we were in were outstanding, looking out over the water and into the cove.  Many of the people I spoke with have boats and said that they come into the cove and dock at the Wequassett and grab a bite to eat in the restaurant quite often.  I definitely plan on going back to the Wequassett next Summer with my kids as they have a great outdoor kid area with pools and toys and more.