The Future is a Secure Web

Jul 16, 2018 | Resources

Google announced back in February (2018) that as of July 2018 all non secure, HTTP websites will be marked as “Non secure” by the Chrome browser.  This caused some to panic, and many web workshops were created for small business owners to warn them (and scare them) of this impending change.

To quantify what this means, Google provided a screenshot showing the difference:

What this image depicts, is the address bar of the Chrome browser, where you search and type in addresses to navigate.

Let’s clear up some misconceptions:

  • Your website will not disappear from the web
  • Google will not delist your website from the results.
  • Your ranking in Google will not change, Google already gives a rank bonus to secure websites.
  • This change only affects the Chrome browser, although other browsers (Safari, Firefox, Edge) are likely to follow.

While on the surface this change could be concerning to non secure website owners, the visual change is so small, much of the FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) spread by the IT industry is unwarranted.

Regardless, it’s a good idea both for your Google ranking, and your visitors experience to make your website fully secure (HTTPS)  Your website may rank slightly higher, your visitors will be assured their data is safe, and your website will be set up for a secure future.

Chrome 68 isn’t out yet, and you still have time to activate an SSL certificate for your website.  Contact us today to discuss the process.  In some cases, the certificate itself may be free, and the only costs associated would be to configure your site to use it by default (often less than an hours work)

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