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Accessibility vs. Flash

Recently we had a new client come to us asking for help with their all flash website.  They were not seeing any traffic coming to their website and they did not know why this was happening.  We looked over their website and found that there was no content being indexed by search engines due to the fact that the website was built with flash.  Our recommendation was to rebuild the website in HTML, keep the same layout and design and make the website more search engine friendly.  So, we rebuilt the website, added keywords and submitted a sitemap to the 3 major search engines: Yahoo, Google and Bing.  Within 1 week, our client was seeing traffic coming to their website and phone calls were coming in from people who were on their website.  Needless to say, flash websites may look pretty, but unless you are Martha Stewart, you should build your website to be search engine friendly.

If you find that your business is in this same situation,  please give us a call, we would love to help you and your business.  We not only design and build great looking websites, but they also function properly, and will get you more business!

Please visit our clients website: Predatuna Sportfishing.com.

They offer Cape Cod sport fishing charters out of Hyannis harbor.  Whether you like to fish for Bass, Blues, Tuna, Shark, Cod, Porgies or any fish the Cape Cod waters have to offer, the Predatuna II is the boat to be on.