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Update your Website…Even in the Winter

Fall is here and the crazy days of summer and now behind us.  Most businesses on Cape Cod are closing their doors for the winter months and while it may seem like a great time to take a break from your website and online marketing,  this is actually the best time to work on your website.  During the summer months most business owners are so busy with their job that they do not have time  to update their website, which means that when winter rolls around your website should be a top priority.

Gather all of the great photos and testimonials you have from the summer and get ready to add them to your website.  If you have a content management system or Contribute you can edit your website yourself, if you do not have either you can email us and we can update your website for you.  Updating your projects, galleries, homepage copy, testimonials and contact information are just some of the ways to freshen up your website.

Take some time this winter and review your website.  See if there is anything you can add to make it more noticeable and user friendly.  Look over your projects and photo galleries and update with new and improved photos and captions.  If you use Facebook and or Twitter, be sure to keep in touch with your fans throughout the winter and let them know that you will be back in the spring.  Maybe even offer a special to new customers or customers who sign up for your services by a certain date.  Keep your fans and customers updated with what is going on with your business.

If you find that you just do not know what to do with your website this winter, just contact us and we can review your website with you and put together some tips and ideas to freshen up your website and get it ready for the spring and summer traffic.