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Apr 15, 2014 | Resources

If you are interested in embedding a YouTube video onto your website, I have put together a simple step by step tutorial below. Adding video to your website is a great way to interact with your visitors and to show off your company using photos, video clips, company slogans, and music. Use the step by step instructions below to put together your own video to add to your website today!

1. Start by gathering photos, business copy, and music

2. Open your movie making software of choice, such as Windows Movie Maker

3. Add your photos, video clips, copy and music to your new video and save the file

4. Login to your YouTube account and choose Upload

5. Add your movie title, description, and tags

6. Once your video is finished processing, you can click on the video to view it right on YouTube

7. You can then copy and paste the Link code or the Embed code right on Youtube to add the video to your website

8. Open the website page you would like to add the YouTube video on.. (For those who can access their website backend. For everyone else, you can send us your video code to add to your website)

9. Paste the Link code or the Embed code onto the website page and SAVE

10. Now you have your YouTube video on your website for everyone to see!

Keep in mind that your video can also be viewed right on YouTube, which is great for online marketing.

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