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If you run a Google Ad campaign read this white paper! Tips that can help you get more leads.

Website Privacy Policy White Paper

A component of GDPR, and PCI compliance or any other privacy act or legislation are privacy policies. Informing your website visitors and customers about what information you collect, and how you use that information reinforces your commitment to their privacy and responsible business practices.


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PCI Compliance White Paper

Before there was GDPR, before WCAG there was PCI Compliance. If you collect and store personal financial information, you need to be compliant, both online and off. Here are the fundamentals, that make compliance less scary.


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GDPR Compliance White Paper

From WCAG to another topic of compliance, that being GDPR – aka the “EU privacy law”


Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards are important, and now apply to YOUR website – Avoid lawsuits (FUD), & improve your bottom line with our new White Paper on the subject- we can help you comply!


Our WCAG cheat sheet is out! Check it out, and share with your friends, boss, staff and anyone who manages a website.


Facebook Ads, and specifically the Audience feature is a powerful tool for small biz to reach new and existing customers using micro-targeting.


SSL Certificates – learn how and why you should encrypt your website traffic.


Images for the Web – our new whitepaper with some quick takeaways for website owners about images – Get advice on size, quality and accessibility!


Social Media Best Practices – Social networks come and go, learn the fundamentals of social media marketing that remain consistent.


Google My Business – not the verb, but the noun (although the verb works too) – Make sure your business’s listing is accurate and that you check back often – why? Because Google is still #1.


Email – Free vs. Paid. Choosing the right provider, and email setup is key to ensuring smooth communication for your customers and staff.


Security – avoid many of the vulnerabilities hackers use to infiltrate your networks, bank accounts and devices.


Premium Hosting – Speed, Security, Backups and Scalability are the four essentials when hosting any website.


Our new favorite “theme framework” Divi – learn more about why we love and continue to work with and invest in this robust theme.


Thinking about ecommerce? Help your brain out with this white paper on #ecommerce basics. Payments, shipping, processes and more!


While watching Sunday afternoon football (which was painful as a #Patriots fan), we produced this #WordPress 101 White Paper – great for small biz owners considering their next website platform.


Check out this nifty white paper we created on the topic of SEO or Search Engine Optimization – SEO isn’t complicated, and there’s no magic wand #seo #google #searchmarketing


Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords is the single most successful and profitable Google product / service… ever!

This one is near and dear to our heart: Firefox – a web browser for the people!


Email Newsletter White Paper

The popularity of email newsletters for business has come and gone with the tides of new technology. Once dominant, social media knocked email off it’s high ground, only to fizzle in the last couple of years as consumers experience social feed fatigue. Regardless of what’s trendy, establishing an email audience of customers and sales leads should be a priority, every year for small business.


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