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Once a website is launched, it’s like a small, sunny island in the middle of the pacific that no one knows anything about. It may be magical, beautiful and the best island around, but no one will see it unless you do something to promote it.

A new website or an existing website with no search engine or social media presence needs marketing help, and we offer it in three main areas; Organic Search, Paid Marketing, and Social Networking.

Organic Search

Organic search is one side of the marketing equation. This includes not only structuring your site for good SEO, but also a coordinated campaign to increase your organic position using content creation and link building.

COLEwebdev offers not only optimization services but also ongoing rank analysis and creative content marketing strategies to help propel your website to the top of the major search engines.

Organic Search Marketing
Social Media Mangement

Social Networking

The ever-changing world of social networking requires connected tech providers like COLEwebdev to deliver solid advice without buying into the hype.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and newer emerging social networks are worth exploring and investing in only if it will benefit your business and feed traffic to your website.

COLEwebdev offers consulting website integration and even the management of social networks.


Marketing isn’t just about search engines and social networks, it encompasses your “offline” or physical business, as well as your vehicles, staff, attire, point-of-sale and any place where customers can and will interact with your business.

COLEwebdev offers creative ideas and solutions to help you maximize your online investment in the offline world.

Business Branding


“COLEwebdev has supported The Executive Suite these past 3 years in redesigning our website and providing awesome technical and design support. Give them a shout-out, it will be worth the effort.”

Warren Rutherford, The Executive Suite

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Secure Certificates

Secure Certificates

Traditionally required only for online banking, and online commerce, SSL certificates are now the new standard, thanks to an increased interest in privacy and security.

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