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Lets TalkTo get an idea of how we work on a new website project, we’ve put together this outline showing the primary steps involved. Each project is different, and many take varying paths to a successful launch, but this is the most common process that we found works the best for our clients.


It all begins with a real, down-to-earth conversation between you the (potential) client and our team of web and business experts at COLEwebdev. We use this conversation to learn more about your business, your goals and your challenges. Many times we conduct this conversation without a computer or tablet as we feel the discussion, the face-to-face interaction and the information gleaned is too important to be distracted by technology.


Based on the information gathered from the initial consultation we then create a written proposal based upon your needs. We summarize the key components of your web project, and give you a concise, easy-to-read and understand proposal, devoid of tech-talk and confusing language.

The proposal usually includes a fixed price for the project and includes any ongoing costs associated for your project.


Once the proposal has been agreed upon and a deposit made, we begin the process of planning for your web project. Meetings, project timeline and other necessary components such as photo shoots or content creation are discussed and scheduled.


The first main project element to be worked on is the design, or look and feel of the website. For some clients this begins with their current logo and branding and then continues to include a home page design proof and subsequent designs based on the project needs.

All designs from COLEwebdev are completely 100% custom, which means that we look to our clients to provide us with thoughtful, thorough feedback and notes to help us create a design that will resonate with you the client, and your website visitors. Our principle focus when designing is to create a design that is pleasing to the eye while also maintaining the appropriate image for the client that they want to portray to their visitors. This combined with our focus on usability, accessibility and that “wow” factor ensure your custom design will look and work good for years to come.


This is where the homework comes into play (you didn’t think you’d get of that easy did you?) While we’re hard at work planning, designing and preparing for our project we need you the client and expert in your business to start to develop content to be placed throughout the website. Excellent copy, photography, documents and media are essential to converting a website visitor into a customer. We work with you to develop and gather this content, and where necessary bring in our experts to assist you to make this process as painless as possible.

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Once an approved design is in place, and content has been created and collected we start the production or building phase of the project. This is typically where a project gets very involved and requires both the client and the team at COLEwebdev to interact on an regular basis.


Along with the core website elements, there are many supporting elements that need to be addressed prior to launch. This includes such things as email setup, visitor tracking, third-party account creation, social media setup/connections, and preparations needed to make sure the your new website is launched as seamlessly as possible.


At an agreed upon date the website is launched and any marketing events are executed to announce the launch. In certain cases, we’ll plan a “soft-launch” which allows for last minutes tweaking before launch announcements are made to the general public.


Post launch tasks include tutoring, search engine registration, old website page redirects and other tasks that can only be completed when the new site is live to the world.