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Website Hosting

Essential to every successful website is fast, stable and secure website hosting. Hosting is where your website is actually stored and accessed by visitors. COLEwebdev maintains relationships with top tier hosting providers that offer reliable service, at competitive prices.

COLEwebdev can help you with your hosting needs, and consult you in the best way to configure your online business to take advantage of your hosting features.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting has evolved over the years from general purpose to specifically optimized platforms tailored to WordPress and it’s unique requirements. COLEwebdev has partnered with an industry leading managed WordPress hosting provider, that offers speed, security, scalability and unmatched support.

Features of our Managed WordPress Hosting:

  • Daily Backups with One Click Backup + Restore
  • Automatic Core Updates
  • Security Plugin + Theme Updates
  • Secure Certificate
  • Scalable Traffic
  • High-Level Security
  • Speed, Fast + Reliable Servers
  • Support by Real People

Shared Hosting

For websites that don’t run WordPress, COLEwebdev offers hosting to our clients in a shared environment with full control panel access for clients. Adequate for most websites, shared hosting provides a fully featured hosting environment, at a low cost that’s affordable for business owners.

Shared hosting features:

  • Low Cost
  • Email Service
  • Weekly Backups

Hosting Consulting

With almost two decades of experience in the web hosting market, COLEwebdev has worked with many large, and small providers. If your needs aren’t met by our two core hosting services, COLEwebdev is happy to pair you with an appropriate web host provider that meets and exceeds your requirements.