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How To Avoid And Report Phishing Attacks

I’ve written about phishing before, but it’s worth revisiting as the frequency of these attacks is only increasing. Recently, a client of ours forwarded an email to us from one of their customers. Someone, impersonating our client was emailing their customer list probing for targets. This is the email itself. The impersonator spoofed the email … Continue reading How To Avoid And Report Phishing Attacks


Jan 25


Eastham Turnip Festival


Feb 06

Each year we look forward to the Eastham Turnip Festival. What a great way to celebrate our town and the amazing turnips that are grown here. Each year the festival gets better and better! The turnip tasting is always FUN. There is also a Turnip Shuck Off (Desiree has participated in this event before), Turn … Continue reading Eastham Turnip Festival

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