CWD White Papers

SSL Certificates – learn how and why you should encrypt your website traffic.

Images for the Web – our new whitepaper with some quick takeaways for website owners about images – Get advice on size, quality and accessibility!

Social Media Best Practices – Social networks come and go, learn the fundamentals of social media marketing that remain consistent.

Google My Business – not the verb, but the noun (although the verb works too) – Make sure your business’s listing is accurate and that you check back often – why? Because Google is still #1.

Email – Free vs. Paid. Choosing the right provider, and email setup is key to ensuring smooth communication for your customers and staff.

Security – avoid many of the vulnerabilities hackers use to infiltrate your networks, bank accounts and devices.

Premium Hosting – Speed, Security, Backups and Scalability are the four essentials when hosting any website.

Our new favorite “theme framework” Divi – learn more about why we love and continue to work with and invest in this robust theme.

Thinking about ecommerce? Help your brain out with this white paper on #ecommerce basics. Payments, shipping, processes and more!

While watching Sunday afternoon football (which was painful as a #Patriots fan), we produced this #WordPress 101 White Paper – great for small biz owners considering their next website platform.

Check out this nifty white paper we created on the topic of SEO or Search Engine Optimization – SEO isn’t complicated, and there’s no magic wand #seo #google #searchmarketing