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Website Security

Lets TalkSecurity is becoming a large (and growing) part of doing business online. Not a day goes by without new breaking about personal information theft from the largest of online providers. While many of our clients are not participating in online ecommerce or storing personal information, this is becoming less so as we move more and more of our business online.

From secure certificates for ecommerce, to secure password and practices to software hardening, COLEwebdev can help you navigate the waters of security best practices so you’re not vulnerable to a break in that could cost you money and or land you in trouble with the law.

Even with a website that only offers basic information, hackers and spammers seek to spread their malicious code and message across the web. Poorly maintained software, and lax password policies play a big a part in online security and each deserves attention to ensure the smooth operation of your business.

COLEwebdev has defended against, and addressed many types of web security issues over the years, and offers advice and practical measures to ensure your web security meets the standard of the law and protects your customers.