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Aug 6, 2011 | News

Business: Peter McDonald Architect
Owner: Peter McDonald
Website: www.capecodarch.com

How did you get started with your business?

I began by doing hand drawings in my living room.  Later I moved to a 8″ x 10″ shed and finally now have 4 employees working out of a large barn on my property.

Tell us about the business:

Architecture service. We do it all from small porch additions to 6000 square foot summer “cottages”, to light commercial. From the Beacon Room Restaurant, the Eastham Historical Society, MIYC yacht club bath house, to professional offices and retail shops, we enjoy doing commercial work as much as residential.

Tell us about yourself:

I grew up in Ct and lived all over after that. I went to school in the mid-west and earned an English degree. Then I went on to grad school for Architecture in North Carolina. I worked for architects in Ct., Philadelphia, Martha’s Vineyard, Paris, France, and Portland Maine. As soon as I passed the Architecture exam I went south to NYC and worked as a freelancer for two years. I did work on the Ralph Lauren headquarters and remember running into Ralph in the elevator wearing jodhpurs, riding boots and I swear I remember him holding a riding crop! Now I am licensed in Massachusetts and shortly will also have licenses for Ct and RI.

Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration comes from the landscape, the built context, from the way people live and work and play.

What do you love about your business?

I love the freedom to create. I work with many fantastic clients, builders, engineers, and a great staff who are all (usually) on the same page trying to make something work and look as good as we can. The pay off comes at the end when you have a thrilled client eager to show off their new house.

What are some ways that you promote your business?

My business comes from word of mouth, job signs and a surprising number of people find me through my web site. I recently was hired for a project in Idaho by some people from California who came across my site and decided they need a house with some Cape Cod style for their Idaho summer house. It should be interesting.

Find Peter McDonald on:

Facebook: Peter McDonald Architects friend us if you want to keep up with our latest projects and adventures.

Do you have any advice to offer others in your same business?

I would not presume to advise others but my staff will tell me I am constantly tossing out advice. So I guess you will have to come work for me if you want any of my advice.

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