When Your Website Goes Down

Aug 11, 2011 | News

The other morning did not start well for us here at COLEwebdev. We found upon waking that our server was down, not responding and the fix was not within site. We worked all morning with our server technicians and finally by late morning we had some of our websites coming back online. This had us thinking about communicating with our clients more efficiently, and providing alternate means of contact if email does not work.

Here’s a list of services that you can use to either reach out to us:

Follow us on Twitter – We post company updates to this account whenever something is happening (good and bad)

Like our Page on Facebook – We will post updates here as well and will be available to receive messages sent through Facebook.

Telephone: 508-413-2043 – Along with our office number which we can access anywhere, each of our cell phones (Josiah and Desiree’s) are available for emergencies. Please call us on our office line and we will share these numbers with you.

Alternate Email: Normally [email protected] is a great way to reach us. But this morning we lost our email too, so we used an alternate Gmail address: [email protected]

Like any outages or problems we have learned from this experience and are implementing measures to prevent a similar situation in the future. If you have any questions about your website hosting, or the measures we are taking to improve don’t hesitate to ask us.

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