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Oct 11, 2018 | Resources

“Sarah can manage the web project, she’s young and very tech savvy!”

“John can run the website, and do his regular job.”

Do these statements sound familiar? If not, rest assured we’ve heard them multiple times in our career and we’re here today to give some advice about delegating responsibility for a website to an employee.


Before we start, a little history. Desiree and I “came of age” during the late 90’s when computers, the Internet and tech was exploding. Often we were told by teachers, parents and other adults that “some day, everyone will be fluent in technology”. 20+ years later we can tell you this revolution in tech literacy has NOT happened. Thanks in part to simple devices (smartphones and tablets) and simple interfaces (apps) that allow people to use tech, without having to understand the intricacies of how it all works.

Back to the Future

We work primarily for small business owners. They hire us, work with us on the project and interact with us post launch when they need something for their website. Business owners are busy people however, and the temptation to delegate website tasks to an employee is tempting. We’re not going to try to convince you this is a BAD thing, rather that you must do so responsibly, and with the same care you give other aspects of your business operations.

The DO NOT List

  1. DO NOT dump a complicated web project on an otherwise fully tapped out employee.
  2. DO NOT assume just because an employee is young and/or “tech savvy” that they are capable, or willing to manage a web project.
  3. DO NOT give up total control to an employee, who may take the project into an undesirable direction or change dramatically the budget..
  4. DO NOT give up half way through a web project, and dump it onto an unwitting employee to “finish”.

The DO List

  1. DO hire someone with specific qualifications (work history) to manage your web project.
  2. DO assign an employee to a web project who is willing and eager to help.
  3. DO make sure that employee has dedicated time (not bonus time) allocated to working on the necessary tasks.
  4. DO empower the employee to make decisions while also making sure all parties are working towards a common goal.
  5. DO team the employee up with your web provider to get the best results.

The advice in this article could be applied to any aspect of your business.  Don’t make assumptions about youth and competence, and empower your staff by giving them the time and resources they need to succeed.

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