Is Google Calling Me?

Jun 20, 2018 | Resources

“Google keeps calling me to sell me services…”

We hear this from our clients on a regular basis and we want to let everyone know that Google does not make unsolicited calls to customers to sell services.

More than likely, it is NOT Google calling you.
Do not let the scammers fool you.

Here is an excerpt straight from Google’s website:

There are a few circumstances where you may receive a call from someone who claims to be from Google. Here’s how to identify whether it’s a real call from Google or from a possible scammer:

  • Google does not make unsolicited sales calls from an automated system. However, we may place automated phone calls to your business, as a service to Google users, for non-sales tasks like making reservations or confirming your business hours. These calls are only enabled for businesses that offer public phone numbers for the purpose of receiving calls from the general public, and use the automated voice-calling service Duplex.
  • Google will make automated calls from a set of designated numbers. For example, calls from 650-203-0000 will be from Google. If businesses don’t want to accept these calls, they can opt-out by simply saying so on the call. Businesses will also be able to opt-out of reservations or bookings made using Google Duplex.
  • You may receive calls from Google operators for the purposes of development, customer service, or support related to your Google AdWords, Google Play or other Google accounts. However Google will never ask you for payment information over the phone or guarantee you favorable placement in our products.

Visit Google’s Safety Center to learn more!

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