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Nov 18, 2016 | Resources


Over the years we have implemented photo galleries for many clients that are intended to be added to and expanded over time.  Often times this does not happen due to the time and effort involved in taking photos, copying them to the client’s computer, and uploading them using conventional tools such as WordPress.

Recently we’ve taken a new approach to photo galleries and their management due to the popularity of photo-based social network Instagram.

To put it very succinctly: Instagram is like Facebook or Twitter, but just for photos.    Exploding in popularity (500+ million users as of June 2016) and purchased by Facebook in 2012 for a (bargain) $1 billion, Instagram is now a major player in the social networking ecosystem.

We’ve been using Instagram to power the photo galleries of several client websites.  Every time the client adds a new photo to Instagram, their website photo gallery also updates.  This allows the client to have an active presence on Instagram – thereby building their marketing reach – while also updating their website so visitors see their latest work or activity.

Some examples:

The process of taking and uploading photos to Instagram couldn’t be any easier.  Instead of a 3-4 step process, Instagram makes publishing new photos a 1 step joy.  Simply open the app, snap the photo and publish (okay maybe more than 1 step but it’s still slick)

Unlike Twitter or Facebook “widgets” which appear separate and isolated from website content, these galleries integrate seamlessly within your website keeping visitors’ eyes on what’s important – your content and messaging.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can use this approach for your website galleries.

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