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Lets TalkWebsite production includes all elements essential to building and updating a website and it’s features. This includes copy (text), images, video, audio and custom graphics to support the design.

The content that fills your site is an essential factor in how well your site performs and it serves many purposes:

  • Copy must be well written both for the actual human visitor and for the search bots from Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. Having well formatted copy with a balance of keywords is essential for a high search rank.
  • Photography and imagery used must be as professional and high quality as possible. Photography is the most critical factor in good design, and the customer’s perception of your business is greatly effected by this 1 element.
  • Audio and Video and other rich media is becoming standard practice for even small business. Featuring video or audio using progressive Flash based delivery systems adds a competitive edge to any website.
  • Custom graphics should be an extension of the design and of your business branding. Graphics help the consumer navigate the site, and give a nice final touch to the design of a professional site.