Square vs Shopify vs WooCommerce vs PayPal

Apr 8, 2020 | Resources

Now seems like a good time given the current health concerns, to give our insights into the various ecommerce services available to small business owners.  If you’re a small business looking to dip into the pool of online commerce, choosing the right platform can save you time and money.  Let’s dig in.

Square1.  Square:  Starting with a swiper for accepting credit cards on your smartphone, Square has expanded into ecommerce and robust point of sales systems.

Pros:  Base level is free (pay only transaction fees). Quick and easy setup. Good tools to integrate with your website. Offline tools like credit card swipers, & point of sale units. No maintenance required.

Cons:  Store customization options are limited.


Shopify2.  Shopify:  A very robust platform that has the power and features to build almost any type of ecommerce solution.

Pros:  Starts at $9/month.  Quick and easy setup.  Robust features and many addons to expand functionality.  No maintenance required.

Cons:  Can get complicated and expensive depending on your needs and addons.  Some limitations on customization.



WooCommerce3.  WooCommerce:  The leading WordPress ecommerce plugin authored by the same company behind WordPress.

Pros:  It’s free (pay only transaction fees to gateway).  Huge ecosystem of addons.  Unlimited customization options.

Cons:  Regular maintenance is required.  Separate payment gateway required.  Can be complicated to setup for non tech savvy users.  Requires WordPress.



PayPal4.  PayPal: Now ubiquitous, PayPal has come full circle from unicorn startup, to industry standard, to infuriating market titan.

Pros: Free (pay only transaction fees).  Quick and easy setup.   Can integrate into existing ecommerce platforms.  International customers prefer PayPal over credit cards.

Cons: Customization options can be limited and/or complex.  PayPal can be troublesome for some people (both account holders and customers).

TLDR; Looking to get online quickly with no fuss? Choose Square or PayPal.  Need more power and options?  Shopify.  Do you want to customize the entire shopping process?  WooCommerce.

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